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» L2F Objectives :       » Lays a foundation in fitness for children       » Improves physical & mental strength       » Builds leadership skills & self confidence       » Enhances interpersonal relationships       » Builds discipline and decision making       » Develops time management skills        » Teaches sportsmanship


A team of passionate sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts, coming from different backgrounds, with strengths in respective fields.

An avid sports lover from childhood days, turning his passion for sports and fitness into a business venture leaving a successful career in Investment Banking, Paresh co-founded Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. along with Jay. He reckons that this will also enable him to give something back to the society.

One of the few parents who always encourages his child to play outdoor sports, he strongly believes that physical education is very important for a child's holistic development. Personally also, even now, he hardly misses an opportunity to play outdoor sports, especially Cricket & Volleyball.

Paresh's journey with sports & fitness as a business venture started with him advising Jay for the The Economic Times Power of Idea Contest - 2010. His vision & strategy to create a sustainable and scalable business model in sports & fitness, combined with his keenness do something where his heart lies, resulted in Jay and him joining hands together as partners to found Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A MBA and CFA by qualification, during his 12 years of experience in Investment Banking, he has advised various companies on strategy, fund raising and acquisitions. During his Investment Banking career, he last served as a Director at Cipher Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the holding company for The Sports Gurukul & The Fitness Gurukul.

Jay co-founded Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. along with Paresh. Absolute passion and love for sports drove Jay to enter the field of sports in 2002 to create one of the 1 st private grass root sports company in the country.

Jay always believed that sports in the country did not suffer due to lack of places or funds only but essentially lack of ideas and initiatives from people. One such idea that he created way back in 2004 was India’s first full size tennis court on terrace as a solution to playing tennis in cities like Mumbai constrained with availability of spaces.

Under his leadership The Sports Gurukul achieved the many 1st to its credit and one of them apart from the above being the coveted achievement of getting The Sports Gurukul business idea selected amongst the top 40 (amongst 16000+) business ideas across India, which were considered as business ideas that would shape the country. This was at the Economic Times Power of Idea Contest 2010, as a part of which he was given a 10 day training at IIM, Ahemdabad and a grant from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Jay is a certified yoga teacher.

Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the holding company for The Sports Gurukul & The Fitness Gurukul.