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» L2F Objectives :       » Lays a foundation in fitness for children       » Improves physical & mental strength       » Builds leadership skills & self confidence       » Enhances interpersonal relationships       » Builds discipline and decision making       » Develops time management skills        » Teaches sportsmanship


Fitness and sports plays a vital role for holistic development of a child. It is equally important, if not more, than pure academics.

According to statistics, chances of an obese child turning into an obese adult are 70%. Medical researchers have observed that highly active children are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer of the colon, obesity, and coronary heart disease. Such children not only excel in academics but also in individualistic development.

Unfortunately, in today's lifestyle, not enough emphasis is given to fitness in a child's daily routine. Fast food, video games, technology (television, computers, mobiles etc.) addiction is leading to physical inactivity which in turn leads to obesity and other diseases. There is a dire need to make children understand the importance of fitness, which lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

We do just that.

The Fitness Gurukul, a sister concern of The Sports Gurukul, inculcates fitness habits amongst children with the core objective of laying a foundation in fitness, which not only helps them during childhood, but throughout their life.

Since children spend a significant amount of their time in school, having a well-round PE program embedded in the school curriculum is the best way to inculcate this spirit.

Life Long Fitness (L2F), The Fitness Gurukul's, fitness program enables schools to achieve this objective. L2F is a scientific, systematic, integrated fitness and sports program specially designed for schools, which can complement an existing PE program or also can be customized to provide a complete PE solution.

The Fitness Gurukul has entered into a partnership with Human Kinetics who are the world leaders in Physical Activity & Health research, information, knowledge & education. The partnership is first of its kind, where The Fitness Gurukul will actually implement Human Kinetic's Fitness for Life (FFL) curriculum through its L2F program in schools.

To know more about Human Kinetics, click here.

Currently all operations of The Fitness Gurukul are managed by The Sports Gurukul.